About L’italiano’s

Ahh! The aroma drifts through the window of Northern Italy. As a family we gathered around the table to get a bite of this deliciously bake pie stuffed with an assortment of chesses and covered with freshly cut tomatoes and sauce, all embedded in a golden crust.

It all began in Northern Italy with the best recipe, but has now become the trademark of Chicago land area, and soon everywhere. But, there’s more to L’italiano’s than just their Famous Stuffed Pizza. The L’italiano’s that once was, still is, and much more.


Ever since the first Stuffed Pizza started in 1974 on Chicago’s Historic Southside, the soon to be Famous Stuffed Pizza brought with it an amazing reputation. Stuffed pizza received stunning accolades from the New York Times as “The Ultimate Pizza”, Chicago Magazine proclaimed it “Best in the City”, NBC’s Today Show declared it “Best Pizza in America”; The Chicago Sun Times described it as The Best Stuffed Pizza”, and among others, Food Industry News Magazine awarded our Chicago stuffed pizza it coveted “Silver Platter Award” every year for the past nine years.


L’italiano’s adamantly embraces its reputation as the best in more ways than just pizza. Could been the pizza that just propelled L’italiano’s to expand from Florida to UAE today? Of course not. Cleverly integrating a unique, fun-loving dining atmosphere, an array of famous sandwiches, salads, pasta, appetizers, entrees and desserts, along with a savory thin crust pizza, an efficient and experienced staff, L’italiano’s has now expansion plan all over Unites states, Lebanon and Middle east. What once began a legendary regional chain is paving its path to becoming a legendary International chain.



What once began from a recipe of Northern Italy, to Famous Stuffed Pizza in Chicago, to established a legendary national and International franchise chain; the

future has no limits, L’ITALIANO’S.
What once was-became-and is becoming, the wave of the future.